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Choose Wisely – Power is Money!

Modern technology has enabled solar systems to work as a whole to generate maximum power.   This can increase power generation by up to 25%.  Solar panels can now work individually instead of in strings.  They can be put on different roof aspects which lets them absorb sunlight as the sun moves across the sky.  This has made the relatively small percentage difference between panel brands less important than it used to be.

Choosing a Solar Panel

Solarpro is independent unlike many other installers.  We select the panels and inverters we provide based on stringent research and we change these accordingly. Solarpro currently offers LG panels and a selection of others including award-winning REC panels.  They tick all the boxes of what you should expect of a panel and it goes beyond performance and guarantees.

Changes in the Solar Industry

Changes in the solar industry and available technology make it important to look beyond the marketing claims of ”most powerful panel” etc., and even reliance on well known brands.  It is important to look at the system as a whole, manufacturing processes and the Company.  For example, who would have thought Bosch solar would go out of business.  There are many other Solar manufacturers who are struggling. Solarpro conducts stringent quality research so you don’t have to.

Importance of Research

There used to be around 750 solar panel manufacturers in the World.  Now there are around 350.  The global manufacturing market can only really sustain 10 to 30.   It is increasingly important not just to make sure the panel is good quality and high power, but also to look at the inverter it will be used with and to fully investigate manufacturing and company details.  For example, a 25yr guarantee isn’t worth much if the company is likely to go out of business.  Individuals don’t have time or resources to do this and it is why Solarpro places so much importance on the research we do.

LG logo



  • 255w Mono X manufactured by LG Korea
  • Monocrystalline Black frame, black/white backing
  • 25yr 80% linear output warranty, 10yr product
  • Positive power tolerance +3%, 15.6% module efficiency
  • Every cell is LG tested to double industry standard
  • Produce silicone from sand to sun
  • Head office in Sydney, multi-tiered company

Mono X NeON

  • 290w Mono X NeON manufactured by LG Korea (award winning 2013)
  • Double sided Monocrystalline Black frame, white backing
  • 25yr 80% linear output warranty, 10yr product
  • Positive power tolerance +3%, 17.1% module efficiency
  • Every cell is LG tested to double industry standard
  • Produce silicone from sand to sun
  • Head office in Sydney, multi-tiered company

Panels v System as a Whole

One of the most powerful panels in the World can only work with a type of inverter that is 2 to 3% less efficient than other inverters.  So, you don’t actually get the full power the panel is potentially capable of producing.  Worth thinking about? This is why it’s so important to look at the system as a whole.


Inverters are used to make direct current (DC) from the sun work as the alternating current (AC) that we use in our homes.  They are very important to the efficiency of a system.  There are two types ones with transformers that achieve about 95% efficiency and ones without transformers (transformerless) that can achieve over 98% efficiency.

Breakthrough Industry Changing Technology

In 2009 the only fully holistic solar system, SolarEdge, became available in Australia. It allows panels to produce maximum possible power individually all the time.  This patented technology changed the solar industry.  Solarpro identified it through its research programme and installed the first system in NSW.

All solar manufacturers are now looking for ways to embed technology into panels to make them operate independently or to produce power maximisers such as Tigo.  Tigo can be retrofitted to a solar systems to make its panels operate individually and increase power generation.  For customers who want an inverter other than SolarEdge we recommend SMA with a Tigo power maximiser.

How to Increase Power from a Solar Array

Any solar system that makes panels work in strings rather than individually has power production constraints even if the inverter is the more energy efficient type. You could have very powerful panels on a very good inverter and potentially still produce less power than standard panels on a modern system like SolarEdge. This is simply because of the way systems were designed before new technology became available.  It has lead to the introduction of performance maximising systems such as Tigo which can be added to an existing system to make the panels operate independently and increase power output.

Increasing Money from Feed-in Tariff

If you purchased a traditional system under the 60cent or 20cent feed-in tariff and wish to increase the money you make over the remaining few years of the scheme retrofitting new technology could be cost-effective.  You can add to your system using an additional net meter.

Share our Power Generation Data

On the owner’s roof we have a mixture of panel brands all operating from the same SolarEdge inverter without any power loss from voltage or panel mismatch.

The SolarEdge monitoring system enables us to collect and analyse performance data daily and cumulatively.  We are happy to share this information to give you a feel for the financial benefits of panels operating independently.

Managing Shade

All solar panels are subject to some shade during a day from passing clouds or dirt on a panel.  Others may have a shadow from a tree or structure partially covering them.  With traditional systems when shade is on one panel it has an adverse effect on power production from all the others.

Expandable Systems

A very cost effective way to have solar is to start small and grow.  It enables you to suit your own budget and time frame.  Or you may have an issue with a panel and need to replace it.  SolarEdge is an expandable system that allows  panels to be added at any time, up to the capacity of the inverter, without any power loss.

No Power Loss due to Voltage/Panel Mismatch

In traditional systems the solar panels are connected in strings and the DC energy from the sun is averaged out from the whole string and fed into the AC inverter.  When one panel is generating at a lower rate than the others it has a negative impact on the output from all the other panels.  As no solar panels are precisely the same every traditional system is affected by this to some extent – between 3% and 5% in power loss.

Adding Panels

Panels have typically been sold in a system package with a particular inverter.  If you need to replace a panel you will lose power unless it is exactly the same as the others.   This is due to power loss from voltage and panel mismatch because the panels are not providing their power individually.



Panels & Inverters

The panels we recommend all pass stringent criteria:

The LG Mono X panel

The LG Mono X NeON (award winning 2013)

New designs are coming including black surrounds rather than silver and also a plain black panel.

REC Panels

Award-winning high performance panels.

Inverters we use: